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Conditions et météo

Les conditions de ski et rapports de neige sont mis à jour quotidiennement avant 8h00 aux longues de la saison. La météo est automatiquement mise à jour pendant toute la journée et vient de sources météorologiques locales.


Today’s High

-8 °C / 17.6°F


Mountain Information

Last Updated: 5:55 , janvier 20, 2018

Runs:  137 / 144   |   Lifts:  10 / 10

23cm in the last weekWe're loving the conditions at Lake Louise right now, and you will too! Recent snowfall and 138 open runs will help you get your fill. Don't forget, kids 12 and under ski free and other great deals this weekend at the Lake!

Back Bowls Snow

Du jour au lendemain24 heures7 joursBaseCumulatif
2 cm 2 cm 23 cm  151 cm 383 cm


Du jour au lendemain24 heures7 joursBaseCumulatif
1 cm 1 cm 20 cm 121 cm  323 cm
Sunshine Village

Today’s High

-7 °C / 19.4°F



Mountain Information

Last Updated: 8:16 , janvier 20, 2018

Runs:  129 / 137   |   Lifts:  12 / 12

Banff Sunshine Village OPEN. It's snowing! We've received 7cm of the white stuff overnight and 11cm in the last 24 hours.

Overnight24 Hours7 DaysBaseCumulative
7 cm 11 cm 24 cm  143 cm 416 cm
2.8 in4.3 in9.4 in56.3 in163.8 in

Today’s High

-1 °C / 30.2°F


A mix of sun and cloud. High minus 1.

Mountain Information

Last Updated: 5:00 , janvier 20, 2018

Runs:  54 / 60   |   Lifts:  6 / 6

Great conditions for skiing, riding, and tubing at Norquay!

Upper Mountain

Overnight24 Hours7 DaysBaseCumulative
cm 1 cm 16 cm  98 cm 233 cm
in0.4 in6.3 in38.6 in91.7 in

Lower Mountain

Overnight24 Hours7 DaysBaseCumulative
cm 1 cm 15 cm 94 cm  212 cm
in0.4 in5.9 in37 in83.5 in

Conditions are subject to change without notice.

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